Monday, June 11, 2012

craft room hoarder

 I'm embarrassed to say that this was my home craft room last week. I have not been able to craft, as you probably assumed, because there was absolutely no working space and things needed to be organized... badly.
This weekend was spent doing just that, organizing and clearing house.
 It was a big job and with such nice weather, a total shame to be inside. But it needed to be done. 
Ashley and I built shelves for utility purposes, with standards and pine wood. 
While my bedroom still holds all the craft room overflow, it is starting to come together... well, half the room at least.


  1. Wow, that was brave of you to post! My workspace used to look similar to that and after a cup of espresso one weeknight, I got to organizing it. Whew!

    Every day or every time I finish working on something, I always try to clean up so the next time I need to work, I won't be wasting time. Plus, it really is inspiring to create when your environment is in order.

  2. My room looks like the first photo almost all the time! I really need to spend a weekend (hope will be enough, haha xD) and organise all stuff..I really need use boxes to put all small stuff I have such as buttons, beads, ribbons...

    I agree with Paradiser that is much more inspiring to create in the clean environment..Than be lost all around messy stuff..

    This post inspired me..I am going to clean!!!

  3. Your craft room is looking good!! And looking closely at the before's funny see how many of the things you have, I have too!! lol Happy crafting!

  4. It looks like you're on your way to creating a very well organized space. Love your shelves and metal bins! Picture one also resembles my workspace. Somehow though, I am suspicious of creative people who are too organized because it seems they are spending too much time organizing... but it was obvious you were very busy creating. Bravo.

  5. This is so inspirational. I'm afraid my craft area looks a bit too much like the before pictures!

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