Tuesday, September 22, 2009

new toy. tumbler.

What is that?
Oh well that's my tumbler!
It helps me polish and shine.
I fill it with my casted pieces, mixed shot, a tablespoon of conditioner (Oakite), and water, flick a switch (round and round it goes), walk away and hours of what would of been hand polishing, this baby does for you!
Look what it can do to an old penny.
It is so shiny, I could barely get a good picture of it!

Metalliferous and Rio Grande are both great sources for jewelry making tools and supplies.
If you are a nyc local— I like to visit the jewelry exchange on 47th street between 5th and 6th avenue– poke around, stare at the gold and diamonds in the windows and then stop by Myron Toback to pick up any elements I might need.


  1. totally unrelated to this post, but what do you use for your wet specimens. you mentioned alcohol, i think, but didn't say what kind or what strength. i have a tiny bat and a tiny bird in my freezer that i need to put in jars..

  2. Any rubbing alcohol. If you go to any drug store, get the highest percent Isopropyl alcohol. I recently got CVS brand 91%. I would let your frozen things defrost, definitely wear latex gloves— bats carry rabies— and then submerge them completely in the alcohol. I change the alcohol yearly because it starts to get brown.
    Good Luck!
    Can you photograph them and email them to me?

  3. what's your email address? i was trying to email you that question but couldn't find it. here's the bat when i found it:


    the bird i just found today. it's a common yellowthroat and it's beautiful. i had a coral snake that i tried to preserve in casting resin but the results were terrible, so i need another method. glad to see i'm not the only one who collects dead things! my friends think i'm crazy.

  4. haha!
    my friends are used to it... it's my parents and strangers that are confused by it!
    excited to see them!