Friday, September 25, 2009

silk scarf diy

I can never have too many scarves and when I see a fabulous piece of silk, I want it wrapped around my neck immediately. When I caught a glimpse of this gemstone snake patterned silk chiffon, I compulsively ran out to buy some. $20 for two yards and I made a ginormous scarf wrap that I will be covered in all fall.

When you buy fabric, it is usually snipped at your requested yard mark and then ripped along the vertical strands of the weave. This squares off the rectangle of fabric, but leaves a
jagged edge.

To clean up the edge, first snip all the ripped fibers off, down to the first horizontal strand, with scissors. Then one-by-one start pulling the horizontal strands out, unraveling the weave.
You might need to snip the ends when you get to the selvage, which are the tightly woven edges that run along the lengthwise grain of a piece of fabric.
Once you have unraveled about an inch of horizontal threads, you'll have a nice frayed edge. Do the other side and you'll have a handmade scarf!

Something as easy as this makes a really sweet gift too. I bought 2 more yards of the silk and made a scarf for
Melissa over Labor Day weekend. What a nice sister I am!

And what an awesome sister I have! love you meli! ox


  1. Thanks kris! Loved the scarf this weekend at a wedding I went to. It spruced up my all black outfit. It was just the right touch:) xo

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