Sunday, December 6, 2009

the craft fair is over

Thank you everyone who came to the Martha Stewart craft fair on Saturday! I hope the lines were worth the wait! I thought there was some great stuff there, a good mix of crafts.

It was an exciting day for me, being that I have never sold any of my work before! I think I was pretty successful. I'm not sure people realize the time and money that is put into things that are handmade. I worked for months prior to the sale making everything. Of course, since I don't do this regularly, I had to experiment with exactly what I was going to make—12 hours on one studded bracelet definitely is not worth the time. Overall though, this was a learning experience for me and hopefully I won't die a saleswoman because I sure do suck at it. I realized I am a better teacher of crafts than seller, so I should just focus on that.

Here I am behind my table, wrapping something up!

Kirsten's quilled snowflakes.

The amazing spun cotton figurines by Vintage by Crystal, I bought a grey wolf like this one.

Figgy put together science kits and was selling out so fast, he just kept making more!

Aaron set up a nice display of his bow ties and was recognized multiple times for demoing the bow tie how-to on Martha's show.

Hosanna did extremely well selling acorns she has collected from different places that she had cast in sterling silver.

Dani had been frosting cookies till the wee hours of the night the days leading up the the fair. They looked too good to eat!

Laura Normandin of Wren Handmade makes the most darling dolls and little pieces of clothing for them too.


  1. I had a really great time at the Fair! Congratulations to you... your jewelry was so interesting, and I know what you mean about people not getting how much work goes into handmade creations and the costs involved. It was awesome meeting and chatting with so many of you MSLO folks in person and seeing your creations firsthand. I can't wait 'til next year!

  2. Thanks for the interesting post. I'm happy to have come across your blog as I've been curious about seeing the items sold at the fair. Your Harry collection is a fabulous concept and I can just imagine how much time it takes to make one of the studded bracelets. I'm with you... much prefer teaching to selling when it comes to handmade things.