Monday, December 7, 2009

so here's what I have been making...

the harry collection.
Exhibit A:

the multi-stud leather cuff.

with a sterling silver buckle, hallmarked with K.

cuff shown buckled.

Exhibit B:
the sterling silver double wrap bracelet.

and the brass double wrap bracelet.

Exhibit C:
the debbie gem necklace— gold plated sterling casted gemstone, wired with 14k gold wire, each accompanied by the one of many colors of a tourmaline stone.

available on different silk cording, all packaged in a mini Debbie Harry framed portrait.

also in solid sterling, these only on black waxed cotton cord.

2 stone shapes– an oblong or squat, both with many facets.

Exhibit D:

for the tech geeks—a sterling studded 4gb flash drive & tassel key chain.

also available in brown leather with brass studs.
drive and tassel also available separately.

Exhibit E:

chain brooch in all sterling & leather. option to wear as necklace too.
currently available in my etsy shop.

More to come from the craft fair and the leftovers soon to be updated in my etsy shop as well! ox


  1. love the chain boach and the "K" detail on the buckle...just a hint of brand recognition :-)

  2. those bracelets are amazing! one of my friends made the studded purse you posted (studded similar to the first bracelet) and it turned out sooo cool. but she told me the stories of how it was such an agonizing project that it led her to break down and cry at least once. so now i have a lot of respect for pretty studded leather items, haha.

  3. Sorry for all the shit I gave you while making these. They ARE awesome.
    And nice pictures.

  4. These are all gorgeous! That first bracelet is crazy cool. I love its unusual shape and the combination of different studs!