Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I posted some stuff on etsy tonight and will post more tomorrow, like a few of these iphone cases...
I feel like Christmas has passed already because I am already in January organizing mode. Maybe it's because for the past handful of weeks my bedroom/studio looked like a human version of Pico's cage after a week—a disaster! Working on so many different projects in one space can be quite the material headache! Bit's and pieces flung everywhere, dust and piles of I don't know what! I can't stand walking around barefoot and having little things stick to the bottom of my feet! Ewww! At least there were no turds dried up and stuck to anything like there are in Pico's living space.
Last night I did some major cleaning, starting with Pico's cage. It wasn't bad but I like her to feel clean also. I changed the branches also and she was a little disoriented when she went back in there. Then when I pulled out the vacuum, she got really freaked. She hates cleaning tools—vacuum, broom, mop, etc.
I feel a little better now about my room being actually "clean" but it still needs to be "organized". I have amassed so many crafting supplies, tools and materials—I am beginning to feel like a hoarder. Next project for me is putting my "things" in order.
On that note... good night.

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