Monday, January 4, 2010


Since Melissa recently moved to Manhattan and purchased a new couch, I decided to make her some pillows for Christmas. Meli and I always go a little crazy with presents for each other on Christmas for a couple reasons...
1. we love giving each other things.

2. what's Christmas without a mass of torn wrapping paper?

3. it makes us feel like little kids again! yay!

The pillows I made her were extra special because the floral print fabric I used was from a vintage sun dress that belonged to our mother—so mom got a kick out of them too!

I consider myself a beginner sewer, having never completed a "real" sewing project. So I was really excited to have successfully finished this set of pillows. I even made them removable, leaving an opening in the back piece of brown fabric. There's a great tutorial here on how to easily do this. Ahhh... why are pillows so satisfying to make?

While I was at it I also made her a laptop pillow. This one was a little more of a challenge for me since I used a block of latex foam—quite different than the simplicity of sewing two pieces of fabric back to back for a regular pillow form! Well, needless to say, I almost gave up on this one and sent it to craft fail, but with trial and error, I figured it out. I won't get into the backwards way I wound up completing it!


  1. aw yay! sewing reminds me of 6th grade "wheel" class...idk if they had those in NY too. That pattern is spectacular...from the 80's. I remember when there was a plate pattern with blk background and flowers also.

  2. i ♥ your gifts...but i also "heart" the craft fail blog, genius!

  3. Especially love the laptop pillow! Will have to give it a go myself...