Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I left for work and it was snowing.

I left to go home and it was snowing.

I just heard the plow outside.
I love New York City when it snows.


  1. I was in the city a few years back when there was an ice storm on Valentine's Day. I much prefer the snow to any kind of ice in New York...
    the lights cast a glisten in the snow there at night.
    Here, in south central PA, there was 48" of the white stuff between Saturday and today's storm events. I live out from the town so glistening at night is from the garage light or the moon, if it clear.
    Through most of the storm today, I just stuffed my face with mmmmm mmmm cookies and worked inside on some charm orders. The sugar intake was guiltless as there will be much energy needed to dig out in the marathon shovelling (or sledding!) event tomorrow. Soooooo glad to be warm tonight! Kudos to Adams County Electric for keeping the lights on.
    Enjoy the snow in NYC!

  2. Today the snow was grey, slushy and dirty. NO fun. Lynne, I much rather be with you in the 48" of whiteness! Jealousy!