Tuesday, June 8, 2010

3 time's a charm

A few 3-charm necklaces I recently arranged.
1. My girlfriends, Amy & Amanda, found the "K" shell in Miami and brought it home for me—love it! thanks girls! I drilled a hole through it and attached a jump ring so it could be a charm.
2. Ashley just bought me the seahorse charm in the Bahamas and
3. I beaded the green stone in gold wire to remind me of the ocean's glorious color.
Put all 3 on a sterling chain and am just loving it as my new summer adornment.

1. A mourning locket from the Antique show at the Piers. I have been on a mad search for a double sided glass heart mourning locket since I was probably about 13—finally found one that wasn't priced out of control! It currently holds a stranger's locks that I plan to replace with my 94-year-old Yiayia's hair. I want her to know that she will always be in my heart, forever.
2. The diamond heart was my Mom's. She doesn't really care about jewelry anymore. She is too consumed with taking care of everyone else. She has basically given most of her jewelry to my sister and I. I wish she cared more about herself.
3. A 14k Helen Ficalora cut out heart disc completes the collection.

1. A Georgian silver coin that came with the
2. Georgian silver monkey that I recently purchased from England on Ebay. I love primates and jewelry from that era. It was a perfect match!
3. A new shield locket, also an ebay purchase. It has a vintage look and was reasonably priced. It is currently picture-less inside. Think it needs a Pico feather.


  1. I love jewelry that tell stories like charm bracelets & lockets. How wonderful that this shell has a "K" on it! I hope your collection of charms keeps growing :)

  2. yay!! Im happy you love the K shell cause we love you!!