Saturday, November 6, 2010

love me parrot

On Friday I met two amazing parrots—a bustling little female halfmoon Conure artfully named Picasso and an affectionate female blackcap Caique fashionable named Gucci. The pair certainly took my breathe away and then I heard they were both up for adoption. I impulsively reacted and thought, well maybe they could be part of my little family with Pico and Ashley. But after some rational thinking and serious discussion, I wasn't sure if it was fair to Pico to introduce the bonded pair. Pico is more of a people bird than a bird birdie! 

Please, if you or any bird-loving, animal person you know is interested in sharing their life and bonding with this healthy, loving mini flock, leave a comment and I will contact you.
They will truly change your life, like Pico changed mine!