Saturday, November 6, 2010

Notes from the Inside

A friend from SVADan Taylor's art show is closing tonight at Pandemic Gallery in Brooklyn. Supremely intrigued to see the works in person later.
I giggled when I read what the gallery's blog wrote about Dan:
Raised by squirrels in a musty old barn located deep in the woods of upstate NY, Dan Taylor's work is heavily influenced by the anatomical forms of the animal kingdom. In his drawings, sculptures, and mixed media works, Taylor treats organs and musculoskeletal structures as unique environments, which may be fused with other natural forms, as well as occasional unexpected consumerist elements. His taxidermy creations with handmade construction and framing give off a twisted sense of the macabre, and warps your sense of perception. Some day, the artist's own remains will be stuffed and put on display to scare children.
more photos from the show here.


  1. woah. these are so cool. animals in all sorts of places you never expect them! p.s. i've got a serious crush on your blog. it's great!!

  2. I like your blog, but this is a disgusting post. I'm so over over the taxidermy-chic thing. Just classless and gross.