Wednesday, February 23, 2011

factory craft

On March 2, Martha is dedicating an entire hour to crafting!
We are very excited to share a few new ideas, talk about our favorite tools and materials, and see what the most popular crafts are. Stay tuned!!! Its going to be a good show full of DIYs!
It's intriguing to think about all the people that make things in the world. Homosapiens' ability to use tools and create new things is is quite amazing. Our species has mastered the art of making. To think about everyone that goes to work each day and makes something?!? Look at what you are wearing for example. Someone cut the fabric and stitched together your pants or printed the graphic on your shirt whether it was a large factory in China or a self employed artisan in Brooklyn. There are millions of "crafters" out there!
Photographer John Spinks documented the people and factories that produced garments for a UK label—a glimpse into what we don't normally think of when we think of crafting. 
Theses shots definitely got me thinking about how almost everything is man made——crafted.