Wednesday, June 1, 2011

knotted together

I felt like I was in middle school again, while sitting on a plane last week, wrapping embroidery floss around ribbon cards and starting a friendship bracelet. It's been probably more than a decade since I've made one—in the back seat of the car, Dad driving, Mom passing me back snacks and Melissa stretching her feet onto my half of the seat, listening to Nirvana in my Walkman, with string safety pinned to my jeans on a family summer vacation up to Maine.
Knot after knot...I already want to make another.


  1. Could you make one of them as a scarf? With fabric pieces or thick yarn?

  2. Wow! A scarf!? That would be an endeavor! It would probably work but you would need to be working with really long pieces of string...if you were organized enough, you could do it! Now I want to try!!!

  3. Very nice work.. The style was good.. Simple but very unique.. Keep it up.