Thursday, October 13, 2011

little diy favors for you

I couldn't have had a wedding unless I did it myself and that is pretty much what happened. Aside from all the decor that swept across the loft space, I crafted a little thank you gift for all our guests to take home. 
To go along with having a film photo booth at the actual event, one Sunday afternoon, Ashley and I strolled down to the local bar that houses one of the three black and white film booths left in Manhattan. With us we brought print outs of our message in letters (THANK YOU!) and words (for coming to our wedding. Ashley & Kristin tied the knot October 8, 2011). Happy hour beers waiting made it easy for us to take several fun photo strips. We went home and scanned the originals, printed copies, cut out each picture and laid them out in the proper order on a long strip of paper, front and back. Rescanned and printed dozens on large pieces of paper, that were then cut down. With the handy dandy Martha Stewart Crafts scoring board, it was super easy to line up the photos and score evenly in between each. Once scored, accordion folding was a piece of cake! Covers were made out of mat board, cut to size and adhered to the front and back of the accordion. We further embellished the mini books with an embossed monogram stamp.
To keep with our quartz crystal decorations at the wedding, I sent everyone home with their very own Herkimer diamond nestled in a cotton ball tucked in a specimen tin. Hidden beneath the cotton I secured a magnet so the diamond could be displayed on a fridge or whereever else it may stick.
The final stamp on the outside of the tiny muslin bags made the project come together and assembling each and every one was very satisfying.

It wasn't over until a day before the wedding when I shared the accordion book process with Martha on the show! 


  1. Where did you get the herkimers? I've been searching for years.

  2. HI Morgen
    I bought a lot of diamonds from an ebay seller. Here's his email:
    Hope that helps! You can also mine for them yourself in Herkimer NY!

  3. I can only imagine all the craft supplies you have. JEALOUS!

  4. Wow amazing - you did such a fantastic job ! And congrats for being on Martha's show....that's a dream of mine! :)