Wednesday, October 12, 2011

wedding dress

It started with this image posted on Haute Macabre. I became infatuated with this dress... obsessed... nothing could compare. I contacted the polish designer Gosia Baczynska and inquired—is it possible this could be my wedding dress? 
The lace is exquisite—a unusual geometric lace, different from the typical floral laces wedding gowns are usually made with. Day after day of scouring the internet, I actually tracked down the lace source. Made in France, the unique lace design was created by Solstiss. Distracted by the lace itself, I visited Solstiss's New York showroom. I was blown away at how incredibly amazing their lace designs are. I wanted yardage of dozens—I could just wrap myself in it and prance down the aisle.
(The lace pattern below haunts me.)
 Lucky for me, Gosia had a dress in my size and, no need to worry, she makes the dress in white as well. After emails back and forth to Poland, about a month before my wedding, I received my dress in a gothic style black satin garment bag. I couldn't have been happier.
More pictures from the magical event to come...


  1. From what I can see from your photo it really suits you! I am in the process of looking for my wedding dress, I've only been to one shop so far so have a long way to go!

  2. I agree from the one photo I think all your work paid off.

  3. That is absolutely beautiful. I'm speachless and pretty much jealous too.

  4. Beautiful! Are we allowed to ask how much that georg dress cost?

  5. Hi Anonymous.
    The dress was more than I ever wanted to spend or imagined ever spending. Wedding dresses are out of control expensive, I discovered, but nice white dresses that aren't "wedding dresses" are hard to come by, if not impossible to find. The dress cost 3 grand and for what it is, that's actually reasonable.

  6. Yes, 3grand is reasonable for a wedding dress! I love the laces, too! I'd like the url for their website. I can see other applications for the lace in my head.

  7. Dear Kristin, firstly congratulations! Looks like you had a super stylin wedding. I am totally stealing your accordian book idea because it is true craft awesomeness. The dress is amazing and worth every penny - worth triple that! Anyway a shout out to you from Australia x

  8. the wedding dress is perfect! :)

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  9. your dress is just perfect! Who is the designer?

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