Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Clay Mushrooms

Totally slipped my mind... I  forgot to tell you guys that I made clay mushrooms on Martha's show today!
They couldn't be easier to make and the outcome is super sweet. Paint them grey for your Thanksgiving table or toadstool red for Christmas perhaps?! Or if you just love whimsical mushrooms like me, you can stick them in the soil of your house plants for all year round!
I developed these clay mushrooms over my time off in the summer if you remember... I thought I would get around to posting a few for sale on Etsy, but just never got around to it. Hopefully this weekend I can make that finally.
If you are interested in trying to make them yourself, you can watch the how-to video on and I will be posting a photo how-to on thecraftsdept blog soon as well. The clay is called Laguna Dry-Hard Clay—it can be purchased through Amazon.