Sunday, November 13, 2011

growing together

Not sure if you remember my wedding invitation, but we invited our guests to "watch us grow together like crystals." We were serious.
During the ceremony that gave us the official title of husband and wife, we each tied a knot on a piece of monofilament that bared a tiny seed crystal on each end. Once tied, the knots were submerged into a crystal potion.
By the end of the evening our knots had grown together into a beautiful crystal!
We used Figgy's fabulous alum crystal formula and it worked like a charm. A charm we will have forever!


  1. I've been reading you forever and day plus and have never commented because I figured you'd be too busy to even read it- but since I'm first :) Your pictures are gorgeous- I love LOVE LOVE the first one most of all and they are all beautiful. CONGRATS!

  2. thank you Mrs. K! Every morning I check to see if anyone left a comment on a post! Its one of my favorite things to do in the morning. Please leave comments, I love them!

  3. Would be really nice to see more pictures of your wedding! Especially how your decorated the place with chrystals... they are amazing.

    I LOVE your blog & pictures as well, keep up the inventive mind of yours! :)

  4. and ps. your dress is absolutely gorgeous!!

  5. beautiful photos! i agree, i'd love to see more wedding dec pics. love the concept. xx

  6. very nice pics!!