Wednesday, March 21, 2012

piers antique show

This past weekend I explored the Antique Show at the Piers here in NYC and posted a gallery of photos on thecraftsdept blog of many of the interesting things I saw. Here are my favorites:
Bakelite prison rings—originally made out of toothbrushes by inmates!
Confirmed once again that I am not alone in my dead animal collecting. 
This cardigan was totally awesome—knitted with a variety of different dog breeds.
Antique dolls can be highly collectible and utterly eerie when they all get together. Some alone can be completely awkward and strange, like this crawling porcelain doll. I guess their bizarreness is part of their appeal.
I was thrilled to see antique pom-pom animals. We've made very similar ones at Martha but seeing the originals made by Steiff was really neat. Here are a few links to different handmade pom-pom how-tos:


  1. That crawling baby is NOT OKAY!

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