Tuesday, April 10, 2012

rockin' baby

Posted about these rock 'n roll onesies I made for my friends on its way baby on the craftsdept blogcouldn't help but share here too!
To make:
1. Pick a band. Print the logo out backwards. 2. Pick a fabric. For dimension in a design, layer fabrics—I used a thin cotton quilting fabric with wool felt on top for a few designs. For fine detailed designs, I recommend not using felt (Nirvana shirt). 3. Iron Steam-a-Seam (a double-faced fusible webbing) to a piece of fabric. Peel the protective paper off one side, place it web-side down to the backside of your fabric and iron it in place. 4. Print out design backwards and tape to web side of fabric. Use sharp scissor and a craft knife to cut out design. 5. Peel the protective backing off of cut out design and place on shirt. I referenced the original design for positioning. 6. Place a press cloth over the design and iron. Move iron in a circular motion, so not to burn the fabric. 7. Remove press cloth and let cool. 8. When soiled, hand wash and hang dry.


  1. wow! i'm gonna do it for myself! :D :D


  2. i'm quite interesting of making one but seems i'm having a hard time understanding the steps. hope u'll be putting a video regarding this.

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